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 Artem Neretin

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Sept 1998-Jul 2002

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September 25, 1980


subscriber box 125,620086 Ekaterinburg, Russia


Bachelor of Industrial Design Department in the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Red Certificate of High Education(USAAA)

Student of Transportation Design Department (USAAA), Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Summer 2001. Best Design for the catalogue of Architecture and Arts for International Exhibition "Claude-Nicolas Ledoux and Russian Architecture" (Russia, France, Canada, USA)

Winter 2002
Organizer and participant of the exhibition of transportation design in The USAAA

Diploma for Bugatti, Exterior design for theme by University of Huddersfield , Manchester, England

Russian (Mother Tongue) / English Fluent

International Design Co. Nagoya Design Do! 2000

Second best design of trademark for Alex &Max brand, Saudi Arabia

Third place in the co. by The USAAA for best style

Second place in International Architecture Co. for the best Drawing 2002

Awarded special Prize by Oliver Boulay in Mitsubishi Motors Design Co. 2001-2002

International Design Co. Nagoya Design Do! 2002

Russian Transportation Design Co. by "Autopanorama" magazine

Painter (Fractal design), PhotoShop, 3Dmax Fluent

Cardesign, music, sport, foreign languages

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